For those who live in areas with seasonal changes, the end of summer means no more beaches, pool parties and just all around warm weather. Here are 10 End of Summer Stoner Babes to remember all the “hot” moments of summer (and to be jealous of those with nice weather all year round!).

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1. Summer evening bong rips


Nothing like toking it up in the warm weather outside.

Source: @dabbdoll

2. Tubing


All the essentials on deck!

Source: @purplekyleekush

3. “In that polka dot bikini, girl”


Not Miami, but Canada!

Source: @mollyuniverse

4. Cloudy summer hikes


The view is always better higher, emphasis on high.

Source: @pincheflowerway

5. Summer toking car rides


No better way to take in the scenery.

Source: @mollijuana

6. Nature bong hit


All while rocking our Cannabis Destiny tank top!

Source: @rasta_dot

7. Indoor bikini bong rips pt. 1


The sexy & smart summer bikini look.

Source: @shee_smokes

8. Sexy summer stoner


Eyes as blue as the ocean.

Source: @warriorgypsy

9. Indoor bikini bong rips pt. 2


Cannabis Cutie indeed!

Source: @42seashell0

10. Jacuzzi chillin’ and blazin’


3 step summer stoner process.

Source: @herbal_alyssa