Every stoner has enjoyed a good laugh over some of the ridiculous things that some people say about marijuana. It’s absurd how many lies are floating around about the plant and what it actually does to the human brain and body. I’ve collected a 10 myths about marijuana and put them to rest with my own personal experience along with some legitimate facts.

1. Smoking marijuana is as harmful as cigarettes.

While I’m sure smoking anything has a semi negative effect on the lungs, marijuana has to be less harmful than cigarettes. Have you ever tried to smoke a cigarette when you’re sick? It’s not happening. A joint, however, might be tough to choke down but you’re not coughing so hard that you’re drooling on yourself either. Cigarettes also contain ridiculous amounts of chemicals (obviously) that most certainly aren’t good for you. Marijuana doesn’t even have to be smoked. It can be eaten, vaporized, or made in to tea. Seeing as how none of those things have been proven harmless, I’d say weed is a safer bet than that pack of butts.

2. Legalizing marijuana will lead to more deviance in younger children.

False. The media leads to more deviance in children. Have you seen the shows that kids are watching these days? I’m sorry but marijuana has nothing to do with the low respect level of kids these days (The fact that I’m using that line and I’m only 22 is quite sad, don’t you think?). Between the awful negativity on the news and the insane violence of video games, combined with the lack of parental supervision is the incubator of disrepect.

3. Marijuana is the gateway drug.

The only gateway I’m opening when I’m stoned is the cabinets in the kitchen. Marijuana has never led me to try another drug… My own damn curiousity has. However, marijuana is (and always has been) my absolute favorite. People try drugs because they want to. Not because they smoked a joint. “I want to try meth because I’m high on weed!” said no stoner ever.

4. Smoking weed will make you lazy and unmotivated.

If you get high and sit on the couch all day, that’s your choice. While smoking makes being bored okay, I prefer to go out and get things done. Whether I have to go to Walmart, work, or the grocery store (dangerous choice!), I want to be stoned. I hate when people try to say that smoking pot makes you lazy. You’re lazy before you smoked pot and now you just have something to justify it with.

5. You can overdose on marijuana.

You can overdose on anything… Except marijuana. Even too much water will make you sick and potentially kill you. Alcohol kills people every single day, drunk or sober, and that’s a legal substance, sold in every gas station in America. There is no set amount of marijuana that you have to ingest to overdose because it’s never been done. Which just seems so much better because you can smoke as much as you want and not have to worry about dying because of it.

6. Marijuana is addictive.

That’s just an awful thing to say. There is absolutely nothing addictive about mmarijuana. There are no added chemicals, no nicotine or rat poison. Three out of every four people in America are addicted to caffeine. Have you ever had a caffeine withdrawl? It’s awful and does not go away until you have a sip of coffee or Redbull or whatever. I can go for days without smoking marijuana and guess what? I’ve never gotten a headache. It’s even more offensive to know that there are people who go to rehab for marijuana use. Have any of you witnessed that monster Janelle on Teen Mom heading off to rehab for her marijuana “habit”? Now that’s just acting.

7. It is more dangerous to drive while high than drunk.

Have you ever been in the car with a stoner? Well the person who thought up this gem clearly hasn’t. Not only do stoners fear speeds of more than 40mph, they actually slow down at yellow lights. Personally, my high driving is incredibly better than my sober driving… There are a lot less middle fingers and curse words being thrown out my window when I’m cruising around town.

8. Marijuana has no medical properties.

There are thousands of people that are using marijuana to combat serious illnesses. Cancer, PTSD, anxiety, and Crohn’s disease just to name a few. This plant helps these people through pain and treatment to help them through their everyday motions. Most medicines from the pharmacy end up hurting patients rather than helping them. Marijuana has no negatives when it comes to this use, other than the fact that the medicine these people need is illegal.

9. Your memory will be effected if you smoke marijuana.

While most of us can’t remember what story we were telling five seconds ago when we’re passing around a joint, when you’re no longer high, you remember 97% of what happened when you were. It’s not like alcohol, where there are big chunks of missing from your memory, or like ecstasy which will just remove your brain matter completely. The memory diminishing effects of marijuana only last while you’re stoned and there have been no studies connecting marijuana to long term memory loss.

10. Cannabis causes crimes.

There is nothing harmful about smoking marijuana. It is a plant that was put here for us to utilize. Marijuana doesn’t cause crimes. I honestly feel like it prevents it. Who wants to rob a bank after smoking a blunt? Not only that but because marijuana can be grown anywhere by anyone, what would be the point in stealing it? Would people REALLY be that lazy and not grow their own? I would love to have a garden and I can’t imagine why any marijuana enthusiast would want to steal someone else’s pot when they can legitimately just make their own.

I know you all love pot as much as I do. We would enjoy nothing more to see it 100% legalized so that everyone can enjoy it. People will continue to trash talk marijuana because they’ve been told their whole lives that “marijuana is bad because it is”. It’s been drilled in to their brains since day one. And since they’ve never tried it, they don’t know how eye opening smoking marijuana really is.

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