Ever watch a movie and found a character you wish you could blaze and party with in real life? Well, you aren’t the only ones. Here are 10 Party Animals We Want To Blaze With.

1. John Blutarsky of Animal House

For obvious reasons the man in the toga is on this list. This guy would easily drink anyone under the table and would still be down to blaze some weed afterwards.

animal house

Source: neilmobile.tumblr.com

Old School ain’t got shit on Animal House

2. Kevin Pickford of Dazed and Confused

Hippy to the core. this guy was somehow able to salvage a botched house party attempt and was blazed the entire time.

kevin pickford

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Not to mention that cool cat Slater is going to show up at some point.

3. Dirk Diggler of Boogie Nights

It never hurts to have beautiful ladies to blaze with but add a male pornstar to the mix and everyone is getting laid. This guy is up for anything and at times that also counts against him but partying with this guy would be a blast.


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Unfortunately you might see someone elses penis by the end of the night.

4. Rick Gassko of Bachelor Party

This guy was optimistic during a bachelor party that became a disaster but was somehow able to keep that party spirit alive which is why we need to hit him with some weed and see what happens.


Source: sala66.tumblr.com

Worst comes to worst we end up with some hookers for the night and migth see a donkey show.

5. Steve Stifler of American Pie

Enter the Stiffmiester and you will find an energizer bunny of party. From dance offs to house party shenanigans this guy has all the tricks of a high school senior up his sleeve.


Source: alishavalerie.tumblr.com

If you bang his mom worst case scenario is he will still consider you a friend. Code of the party animal.

6. Van Wilder of Van Wilder

The guy who had every angle of college life figured out. He most likely sold weed to fund his party habits despite what the movie suggested. Need to blaze with the big man on campus to be considered official when in college.


Source: 2000ish.tumblr.com

The ability to find an upside in desperate times is this mans specialty.

7. Blue of Old School

Lets face it we all would want to get wasted with someone our grandfathers age and it would be even cooler if we could blaze with them too. How many guys do you know that are willing to lay there lives down for the party?


Source: kittens-eyeballs.tumblr.com

We could only hope to be as dope as this man in our old age.

8. Ron Burgundy

Now I hear all of the Frank the Tank debating but f that noise. Ron Burgundy would be the way cooler Will Ferrel character to blaze and go party with hands down.


Source: overdistracted.tumblr.com

Hopefully he woos the ladies with a sweet jazz flute solo.

9. Lou of Hot tub Time Machine

A man known as “The Violator” is someone we definitely need to smoke a few bowls and have a few brews with. If you wake up with semen on your face just be cool and tell no one or pray it is one sick joke.


Source: adorableandlicentious.tumblr.com

Every group needs that one guy who is going to take the first punch to the face and he is it.

10. Leslie Chow of The Hangover

The night of partying you don’t ever want to think about again awaits in a night of partying with this international criminal. We would pass on the cocaine and guns and stick with the weed and drink.


Source: aabagnalee.tumblr.com

If this guy is in party mode please make sure you have an alibi.

Thumbnail Source: aabagnalee.tumblr.com

Let us know which movie characters you want to blaze and party with in comments below.