Probably the only time I find a stache attractive on a women, is when it’s a weedstache. Using either actual weed or a blunt, there’s something oddly sexy about it. Here are 10 sexy women with weedstaches.

1. Keeing it classy with the jointstache


I hope she didn’t just toss that out though!

Source: Instagram

2. Fish eye weedstache


Kinda makes her look grumpy (still cute though)

Source: Instagram

3. Rolled up stache


Blonde hair, blue eyes & a joint = beautiful

Source: Instagram

4. Nice sunny day for a weestache


Lol the weed almost matches her hair color

Source: Instagram

5. A weedstache and a weed bikini


Can’t wait to see how the bottom half of the picture turns out

Source: Instagram

6. The many faces of a blonde weedstacher


Okay now look mad, now look sad, now look high…

Source: Instagram

7. Weedstache so big she might have to trim it


She better buckle up with that weedstache though

Source: Instagram

8. Blonde updo and tiny weedstache


Lol does she live in a digital world, literally?

Source: Instagram

9. Upper lipped weedstache


Definitely dressed for the occasion

Source: Instagram

10. She’s like the Rollie Fingers of weedstaches


Lol, she probably wanted to match her eyelashes (we think it worked!)

Source: Instagram

Have a weedstache pic you’d like to share? Send it our way and we’ll throw it up on part 2! Happy weedstaching.