Today we are taking a look at some current stoner athletes whose performance have never been in question. Now their behavior on the other hand that is another story. Here are 10 Stoner Athletes.

1. Michael Phelps

The greatest swimmer of all time and one of the greatest olympians ever is one of the biggest pot heads ever. Michael Phelps admitted to marijuana use and has won more gold medals on his own then some countries have earned overall. His lung capacity is infinite.



The Subway sponsorship was a little over the top.

2. Shaun White

Yes, his reputation as a jerk is widely known and his love for marijuana is as well. I mean considering he faces some pretty death defying feats in his sports why not let the flying tomato smoke a few bowls before he does something extreme.



How weird is it that he snitched out the 6th sense kid for marijuana use so he didn’t get in trouble for it?

3. Nick Diaz

A UFC fighter who has made a name for himself as a troublemaking loud mouth alongside his brother Nate. Nick Diaz recently got in trouble for testing positive for marijuana and is currently serving a one year suspension.

nick diaz


You figure he would be less prone to violence if he was using marijuana.

4. Tim Lincecum

TIMMY!!! Former World Series MVP, 2x World Series Champ, 2x Cy Yonug Award winning All Star. This man is one hell of a pitcher and the only other thing he blazes besides catchers mitts is some fresh cali bud.



Who would have thought the long haired guy on the mound was a weed smoking hippie.

5. Josh Howard

This NBA player admitted to smoking weed during the off season but never during the season. I mean what else was he going to do? Actually prepare for his profession.



Pretty much bounced around from team to team looking for a ring like Gollum.

6. Michael Beasley

This guys run in with marijuana related problems are widely documented and pretty much been his downfall since he was drafted. Now back on the former time that drafted him, the Heat, lets hope the only thing he burns is the bottom of the net.



So high, he doesn’t know which knee he rubs, lol.

7. Marshawn Lynch

The Beast! Any NFL player should be allowed to smoke a little bit of weed given the amount of punishment these guys put on their bodies and the Beast should be at the top of this list.



All Seattle residents should have skittles on hand in case they ever run into an angry beast.

8. Mike Vick

Aside from the dog thing, Mike Vick has also had some marijuana allegations thrown his way and we wouldn’t doubt his alleged. Also, two men were caught with marijuana riding around Vicks vehicle.



Here is some vintage Vick since we won’t be seeing much of it this season.

9. Santonio Holmes

This guys marijuana troubles pretty much got him shipped out of Pittsburgh and straight to the Jets. Needless to say this guys love for the plant stretches beyond the league’s ability to enforce their no drug policy.



He seems happier playing with the green, know what I mean?

10. Von Miller

He is in Denver where marijuana is legal and the NFL still does not want this man smoking anything. I mean it is not like it is a performance enhancing drug so why not?



Never seen a man so animated over a safety. Wonder if he took anything before the game.

Retired Honorable Mentions: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Walton, Rohan Marley, Bill Walton, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Randy Moss, and Ricky Williams. Have any more? Let us know in the comments below.