We’re back with 10 WTF Random Weed Pics!  Smoking weed tends to bring out more WTF moments in life.  Whether it’s you smoking or your buddy, you both my end up doing some silly WTF shit.

1. When did Starbucks start selling weed?

I’ll take a vente

Source: sherbrooke420.com

2. Cannabis Shades

Where can I get these?

Source: tumblr

3. Up in the clouds


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4. Wu-tang weed

Old dirty weed

Source: hiphopfightsback.com

5. Pretty nails

You think she likes to smoke? lol

Source: tumblr

6. Venom needs to chill

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7. So that’s what the ghost are made out of

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8. Pretty pothead pipe

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9. Guide to pot enjoyment

Do we really need a guide? lol

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10. Hi there, what’s your name

Ah, baked, gotcha.

Source: weheartit

I want to bake on the moon baby!  Have any random weed pics?  Send them to editor@cannabisdestiny.com!

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