I’m still trying to figure out why this is so sexy. Perhaps it’s just hella erotic for a girl to blow smoke into another girl’s mouth.  Smoke.  Girls.  Mouths.  Guess that’s the recipe .  Here are 11 Sexy Stoners Shotgunning Smoke.

1. Sexy asian girls

Can it get any better?

Source: womenweedandweather.tumblr.com

2. Angelic

Hello kitty necklace

Source: compulsivekickfeen.tumblr.com

3. Well done ladies

Nice execution!

Source: lolitalanafull.tumblr.com

4. Focused

These girls got skills

Source: ulieandlissa.tumblr.com

5. Snail Smoke

Smoke looks like a snail

Source: deathcore-tattos-art.tumblr.com

6. Blue & Red

Beautiful pic

Source: glitterpuss-lazertits.tumblr.com

7. Hot smoke

This looks like it could be a scene from porn

Source: weedandbitches420.tumblr.com

8. Twins

Sisters or best friends?

Source: jadexoox.tumblr.com

9. Creeper

Virgin in the back

Source: ventalationblog.tumblr.com

10. Who’s blowing what?

Who has the smoke?

Source: tomorrowmightknow.tumblr.com

11. Mouth to Nose

Out through the mouth into the nose

Source: alaskaintheyouthseyes.tumblr.com

Have any better ones? Please say you do.  Send them in! Thumbnail Source: deathcore-tattos-art.tumblr.com