Who loves danky weed! We do!  Here are 12 danky weed pics to brighten this lovely day :)

1. Pink And Purple

I wonder if she can still roll with those nails

Source: 1800stephii

2. Dandruff

Trichomes or did somebody just forget to wash their scalp

Source: mindlessrefuge.tumblr.com

3. Buds for days

And they just keep goin and goin and goin..

Source: brixwillbshat.tumblr.com

4. Sparkles

Someone once said trichomes are stars in their own rights.  I agree.

Source: growadvice.tumblr.com

5. Frosty OG

Pizza toppings anyone?

Source: electricgardenofdelights.com

6. Beach Buds

I definitely would be rolling that up and smoking it on the beach player

Source: anxiolyticsallday.tumblr.com

7. Bud Service

Why thank you, don’t mind if i do!

Source: nohaymasrespuestas.tumblr.com

8. Matching Bud And Pipe

Man these two go together like butter and popcorn

Source: sex-weedandalcohol.tumblr.com

9. Some Green

Not too bad, looks like some greenhouse

Source: weedporndaily.com

10. Bigger Blunt

I say let’s roll a bigger one 😉

Source: hi–im-ardee.tumblr.com

11. Nooo! A Hair!

Like my food, I don’t like hair in my bud

Source: budzshow.tumblr.com

12. Good Weed In A Jar

Keepin it fresh!

Source: stonernostalgia.tumblr.com

There are 12 danky weed pics for ya.  Having a better day? Great!

Have any better ones?  Submit them to us!

Thumbnail Source: growadvice.tumblr.com