Weed is everywhere.  I remember receiving seeds from the UK for the first time.  Weed can be grown and mailed everywhere.  That was random, and so are these 18 Cool And Random Weed Pics!

1. Shine bright like a weed nug!

Rihanna eat your heart out

Source: nugbabyy.tumblr.com

2. Do they smoke weed in Japan?

I wonder..

Source: mcfreshcreates.carnivour.us

3. Magic mushroom seeps weed

Endless weed from the magic mushroom

Source: pezbetch.tumblr.com

4. Peace, weed, tattoo

Committed to his beliefs

Source: smokinglifeawayonepuffatatime.tumblr.com

5. Dab prep

Call me a pyro, I like flames

Source: sarocc.tumblr.com

6. Who likes weed art?

Cute little leaf

Source: nicknigger.tumblr.com

7. Weedlex

Rolex + Weed = Baller

Source: gettingignorant.tumblr.com

8. Weed life

Is weed in your blood?

Source: cannablong.tumblr.com

9. Sexy leggings

Nothing sexier than stoner chicks

Source: melissamillionaire.tumblr.com

10. Chillin

What do you like to do when you smoke?

Source: fuckbitchsgethigh.tumblr.com

11. What’s in your bong?

Leaf in the bong

Source: iodex.tumblr.com

12. Sounds good to me!

Life get any better?

Source: nikkiiibabyyy.tumblr.com

13. Choose your weapon

What’s in your collection?

Source: puff-puff-p4ss.tumblr.com

14. Bang Bang!

Get blown!

Source: nugbabyy.tumblr.com4

15. Banana Bowl

What have you made pipes out of?

Source: allofthepixels.tumblr.com

16. Alien Blazin

I could die happy after getting high with an alien

Source: www.alien-vibe.tumblr.com

17. Making wax

Where all my dab fans at?

Source: awkwardlystoned.tumblr.com

18. Cats and weed

Is all a brother needs

Source: princess-digi.tumblr.com

I love weed. You love weed. We love weed. Hope you enjoyed those pics! Send some of your dope pics in!