Or, maybe you already know these facts if you are an enthusiast, and advocate of the truth. If not, we hope to enlighten you these 4 crazy things you didn’t know about marijuana.

These facts come from the chicagonow.com article, written by the awesome Jack Grinspoon. You can see the full article here.

1. THC and CBD, marijuana’s primary cannabinoids, are both cancer killers.


So spending billions of dollars on a war against a plant, that has shown benefits to medical use, is the way to go?

Kills cancer cells, yet still is illegal

2. Marijuana triggers neurogenesis. Layman’s terms: It leads to brain cell growth.


Even hairspray kills more brain cells than marijuana. Look we’re not saying to give cannabis to your kids. Like any substance it should be treated with regulation.

Talk about higher state of learning

3. Suicide rates are lower in areas where medical marijuana is available.


Ain’t nobody got time to suicide, we tryin’ to just chill. In all seriousness, alcohol abuse seems to be associated with suicide, maybe because it seems like an easy option to help cope. Maybe if medical marijuana were more widely available, it could present a safer option with those dealing with suicide.

Alcohol kills, cannabis chills

4. There is zero evidence that marijuana causes significant lung damage.


Seems we spend a lot of money treating lung cancer from cigarette use. Having a smoking option that doesn’t do long term damage, might take a blow to the health care field. It always all comes down to money man.

Oh, no lung damage? Yet, cigarettes are legal…interesting

Fact Source: chicagonews.com