Today we are going to bring you a few tips on maintaining an indoor grow brought to you by @Deltaninethc. This man hails from Cali and is offering a few simple tips to hopefully get you guys started off nicely for that indo. All plants are AK 48 clones from Doc Hollidays in Mentone, California. Here are 4 Indo Grow Tips

1. Watering

Watering is key. Don’t over water and don’t underwater but it is almost best to underwater. Getting the soil nice and dry will make the plant send out feeder roots. These roots allow for support of a bigger plant.

photo 2

2. Lighting

@Deltaninethc points out that he uses a 400w light but this can vary depending on how large your space is and how many plants you have. For his 4×4 tent a 400w light will do.

photo 4

3. Low Stress Training

Low stress training is a growing method that allows light to hit all parts of your plant and not just the top. It allows the plant to grow more buds evenly from top to bottom and will increase the yield of your plant.

photo 1

Pinch Stalks

When the plants stalks and branches are growing out pinching them until you feel the stem wall snap a bit will help the plants growth.

photo 3

4. Temperature

The ideal range for a grow is 70f to around 85f. Keeping an eye on the plant as well as the temperature will ensure its growth so remember not to fry it.

photo 5

All pictures submitted by @Deltaninethc. Keep an eye on those plants out there guys and share the product with the world!

I believe it was Jesus who said “I could supply you with marijuana for a day or I could teach you to grow marijuana for a lifetime.”