Getting high and being paranoid go hand in hand at times. Today we compiled a short list of things that may cause most of you out there to be put into a state of paranoia.

1. Police

Easily the biggest reason for a sudden onset of a bout with paranoia.



At some point you think of out running the police

2. Hearing or Seeing Things in the Dark

This one brings us back to childhood and suddenly the boogeyman exists again.

creepy hands


If I close my eyes it will all go away.

3. Unwanted Phone Call

We have all had this happen during a session and usually aren’t sure if we should pick it up or not or what’s the cover story for what you’re actually doing.



Much like the movie Scream without the murders but with more fear

4. Seeing Someone Who You Think Knows Your High

Being out in public isn’t always a good thing when high and running into someone who might suspect that you’re high is even worse.



What other reasons would weed make you paranoid? Hit us up in the comments and we’ll include them in the next list.