A stoner’s journey through the world can lead to many methods of transportation. Even using his thumb to get a couple hundred miles if possible. Today we bring you a list of 4 major methods of stoner transportation. Always travel safe when high!


The lowest of the low on the transportation scale. public transportation is home to the derelict peoples of the street, high school kids, and people who have shit to do but don’t have a car.


Source: thenonstandard.tumblr.com

If you are a stoner this is old reliable but for some reason you never have loose change and everyone smells.


This is a little more old school and is a bit more dangerous due to the fact that most muggings in big cities take place on these mammoths. Below ground called subways. Above ground just regular trains.


Source: theguywithonenut.tumblr.com

The screeching sound of the tracks is enough to ruin a high.


Home to those not looking to go further than a few city blocks or for tourists. Something about having a conductor as oppose to a driver makes all the difference.


Source: daveyjoleslocker.tumblr.com

That trolley bell makes everything sweeter when baked.


For those who understand how expensive cars are to own and who know the city like the back of their hand. If you blaze and live near a busy downtown you likely own a bicycle to get around.


Source: thedarknatereturns.tumblr.com

What else do you think E.T. was about? Intergalactic drug dealer.

Drop a comment and let us know how you get around.