In every smoke circle there is that one guy who just can’t seem to figure it out. Everyone including him knows this yet it does not stop the onslaught of shit we give him. Here are 5 Characteristics of That One Stoner Guy

1. Never Pays for Weed

This guy has not once purchased weed of any sort nor has he ever had ends on anything, ever.
never pays


Fortunately this guy tends to be the one we mess with the most.

2. Is in every smoke circle

We find this guy in every smoke circle having not been invited but somehow he is always there. We call this guy the “Weed Troll” for good reason.
smokes everyone weed


Will eventually find himself smoking the wrong shit.

3. Always Says He Just Quit

He just quit but wouldn’t mind taking a small hit. We know that he is going to hand back a roach but still allow him in.
puff puff pass


Doesn’t understand puff puff pass?

4. Breaks Pieces and Doesn’t apologize

If you have a bong or pipe that has met its demise at this guys hand without an apology then you have that one guy to blame.
did i do that


He also doesn’t offer any funds to recoup the loss

5. Steals your weed and smokes it

When other people tell you he has been smoking on some good weed that you know he didn’t purchase you become suspicious.


You have known him for too long and are stuck with him.

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Let us know some more characteristics of that one guy in YOUR group.