We’ve all been there. You know, that time when you got way too high and did one or a series of these things.

1. You send texts that don’t make sense or are unable to even text.

Source: adventuresinnursing2.tumblr.com

2. You get confused and spend way too much time staring at a stop sign, a green light, or a no u-turn sign.

Source: thatsgiferific.tumblr.com

3. You forget what you were thinking/talking about and then spend the next 5 minutes trying to remember.

Source: directionerforlifetho.tumblr.com

4. You keep checking the fridge even when there is nothing in it to eat.

Source: whatshouldwecallmeskidmore.tumblr.com

5. My personal favorite, you laugh uncontrollably at inappropriate times or for no good reason.

Source: roselove483.tumblr.com

I’m sure there are plenty more. Acting dumb is one of my favorite parts about cannabis. What else do you do that’s dumb when you’re high?