Now that 2014 has arrived, here are 5 Facts about Colorado recreational marijuana. Hope you’re reading this on the plane to Colorado right now!

These facts derive from CNN and NBC. You can read their full articles by clicking their links.

1. How Much Can I Buy?

People 21+ can purchase an ounce at a licensed store, if you have a Colorado ID. If you are from outside Colorado, you can buy a quarter ounce.

2. Where Can I Smoke?

You won’t be allowed to smoke publicly, and are relegated to private property as long as you have the owner’s permission (which we don’t see any foreseeable problems in the future).

3. Can I Grow Weed?

Yes! You can grow up to 6 plants, but they must be enclosed and locked. If you choose to do so, we’re going to your house for sure!

4. Can I Pass The Joint?

You can legally share your marijuana with people who are also qualified to purchase, which means no underage smoking. You can still be arrested if you are not of age.

5. Can I Travel Outside of Colorado With Weed?

What you smoke in Colorado should stay in Colorado. We’ll get there one day I hope. Also, you can still be arrested for a DUI if you are caught while driving stoned.

Hope this information proves valuable in your ventures to Colorado. As always stay safe and happy blazing!