Being high around people who don’t know you can be annoying. Especially when you are trying to keep it low key. They will usually approach you and bombard you with questions about how you look. Here are 5 frequent questions you hear when high.

1. Is something wrong?

Usually someone will approach you and ask you this starter question. Your immediate response will be the “WTF Face” followed by “No. Why?”.



Only your true friends know your lying.

2. Are you okay?

The next question is an attempt to act like they care about your will being. This is an attempt to make you relax and tell the truth.

are you okay


If you walk away now then they will think you are hiding something.

3. Why are your eyes red?

This is when you realize that they may be on to something. Don’t flinch or give them any reason to feel that they may be on to something.

why are you eyes red


This is why stoners should carry Visine.

4. Are you high?

Ok, here come the big guns. Don’t panic. Assertively deny and change the subject.

are you high


Unless it is a hot chick. Ask her to join you for one later.

5. Are you on drugs?

Lastly, if it wasn’t a hot chick you will probably hear this one and laugh it off because weed is not a drug.

are you on drugs


Unless of course you are actually on drugs and have been denying everything for no reason.

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We know there are a few more questions that might be asked but those are setting specific. Let us know some other questions you may have been asked by strangers.