Thinking about going outside of the united States and were looking for 420 friendly? Here are 5 International Marijuana Friendly Places.

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

The leader in the most relaxed laws and outlook on marijuana. Amsterdam is a great European stop for tourists who are also marijuana enthusiasts looking to get lifted.The grow culture in Amsterdam has fueled some of the most exotic and potent strains.



This place is home of the Cannabis Cup how can it not be stoner friendly?

2. Nimbin, Australia

Trippy Hippy town Nimbin, Australia is home to a large collective of people who believe in unity and marijuana. Nimbin is also the sister city of Woodstock. It is safe to say that Nimbin definitely welcomes marijuana enthusiasts.



They host a little something called Mardi Grass every year. Yes Grass.

3. Negril, Jamaica

No one country has a love for marijuana like Jamaica whether it is illegal or not. In some places people are willing to turn a blind eye to marijuana use and in specific one of those more notable places in Jamaica is Negril. Home to some great island grown marijuana straight from Jah.



Something about those steel drums and great rum.

4. British Columbia, Canada

BC bud is heralded as some of the best marijuana Canada has to offer and you would be hard pressed to find a Canadian who would disagree. Aside from the harsh winters Canada is great place for those who like to blaze.



With or without marijuana Canada is a peaceful place but everything is better when high especially bacon eh.

5. Colombia

A country with some of the most fertile soil in the world. Colombia is also the world’s largest producer of quality marijuana and the locals aren’t shy about sharing. Marijuana growing is legal to an extent but we wouldn’t walk around endorsing the drug here.



Avoid the guerilla warfare and you will have a nice visit.

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We know there are some other places out there that definitely enjoy their marijuana. Let us know where in the comment section below.