I know I’m not alone when I’m watching a movie and the lead characters smoke a jay, a pipe or a bong and I think “OMG – I do that too!”. While these actresses might not smoke ganja in real-life, their respective characters did and it was great and should be acknowledged. In no particular order – here are 5 movie stoner babes.

1. Alicia Silverstone & Brittany Murphy as Cher & Thai in “Clueless”


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2.  Molly Ringwald as Claire Standish in “The Breakfast Club”

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3. Sydney Poitier as Jungle Julia in “Death Proof”

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4. Sarah Silverman as Sarah Silverman in “Jesus is Magic”

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5. Jennifer Aniston as Olivia in “Friends with Money”

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There are plenty more stoner babes up on the silver screen.  Having any recommendations?  Send them in! editor@cannabisdestiny.com

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