As ridiculous as this may sound for some of you, there are a few scenarios where you shouldn’t be high. Today we give you those socially unacceptable scenarios for those of you who may be unaware. Here are 5 Places You Shouldn’t Be High.

1. Court

Unfortunately a marijuana offense is still a big deal in America and you should treat it is as such when in court. Do everything you can to show up without Mary Jane.



If the judge knows you’re high then you have a problem or ran out of f***s to give.

2. Jail

You took one too many liberties with your freedom and now you are behind bars. Hopefully in the future you are more careful with your actions but please don’t blaze here either or you will stay longer.



Anything you do please don’t continue to get high behind bars.

3. Funeral

Unless the person in the casket gave you specific directions to blaze up on the day of the funeral or you know they would want you to then go for it.



Just remember that risking a family brawl is never a good thing.

4. Church

We know church isn’t always the most fun place to be but just hold back on the marijuana for just a bit and if not then at least wear some cologne and use visine.



Anything you do don’t start laughing.

5. Interview

We cannot stress this enough but if you have no job and smoke weed it is important you make a good impression on whoever is trying to hire you. For the love of marijuana don’t be high.



Remember you can’t purchase weed with hopes and dreams only green.

6. Intervention

We know interventions aren’t planned with your schedule in mind but if you are in attendance at one with more than Mary Jane then you have a problem. If it is just marijuana then please put it down long enough to straighten your life out.



Please take this seriously because others are concerned and anything you do don’t ignore by twerking.

We know there are more places people shouldn’t blaze up and feel free to let us know in the comments section.