Your smoking marijuana in a place where it isn’t legal and the cops approach you. Here are some possible scenarios and 5 reactions if a cop catches you with marijuana.

1. Laugh

If you can’t keep a straight face you’re most likely going to get arrested on principle alone.



After you realize you have been cuffed and on your way to the station it is ok to cry.

2. Cry

This is an automatic cuffing situation. Your crying is an acknowledgement of your guilt and there is nothing worse than crying in cuffs. Women thought, might get away with this reaction more so than males (hey just being honest!).



Make sure you aren’t crying hysterically or they might end up taking you to a mental hospital.

3. Silent Treatment

You don’t really have to say anything. Choosing to remain silent is in your miranda rights but this doesn’t mean you won’t be arrested.



Also, this course of action is followed up with pleading the fifth.

4. Run

Congratulations! You have just added a few more charges to your wrap sheet and good luck getting away.



All the other guys behind bars are going to get a laugh out of hearing what you were arrested for.

5. Pretend to be foreign

You’re fake accent has never fooled anyone. This is the “Hail Mary” of trying to stay out of cuffs.



Worst case scenario deportation.

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What would run through your head? Let us know your reaction if a cop catches you with marijuana