Do you ever find yourself in moments where you have to question your dealer and the things that he says or does? Glad we aren’t the only ones. Here are 5 shady marijuana dealer signs.

1. Uses your phone for his deals

It is bad enough that he may be operating illegally but it is even worse when he is doing it from your phone.

phone call


Expect phone calls from numbers you don’t know asking for things you don’t have.

2. Lies about being dry

This guy will tell you he is dry a day after telling you he just re-upped.



Consistency and trust are two things hard to find in a dealer.

3. Charges you for a Sample

This guy is very business mind oriented and a little bit too greedy. If he is charging you for a sample his stuff make sure it is good.



He most likely overcharges rookies often.

4. Smokes your weed

If you just bought a sack from this guy and he is trying to smoke it with you immediately after your purchase then you might be getting bamboozled.



Might need to remind this man of the rules.

5. Asks for a ride to delivery spot

If your dealer is asking you for a ride without telling you that it is for a drop off then you might have a future problem on your hands.



He might laugh at you when you ask him to exit the vehicle.

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Let us know about your interactions with a shady dealer and their odd requests in the comments below.