There are things worse than an inconsistent dealer and that is a dealer who might be an undercover cop. Here are 5 Signs Your Dealer Might Be A Cop. Today we have a list of signs your dealer might be a cop and some of them are pretty obvious but are usually overlooked.

1. Months of Hiatus

If your dealer disappears for more than months at a time with no good reason then he just might be a cop or an informant. If he is an informant that means it is possible you are being informed of.

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So don’t find yourself in the interrogation room because you ignored these signs.

2. Sudden relocation

This one ties into the first one a little bit. If there is no good reason or logical explanation for how your dealer made a sudden relocation then something is up.



This is the Jack in the Box effect. Just popping up out of nowhere is shady.

3. Shortened Sentence

If he went in to do years and got out in months on “good behavior” then he is either a cop, informant, or really friendly with the other inmates.



One mans anus can only take so good behavior.

4. Knows Too Much

If he knows the who, what, where, when, and why about something you haven’t told him then he he is definitely watching you.



You don’t even have mutual friends and he is keeping tabs wtf?!

5. Shady Locations

If he is willing to meet you in public places where there are way too many cameras and a large police presence then bail on him and change your number.



The people who stand out to you are surveillance.