The best feeling is satisfying the munchies with your favorite soda or beverage. With that, here are 5 sodas that we want back! Today we have a list of munchies you may or may not have remembered indulging on.

1. Crystal Pepsi

Pepsi’s answer to Sprite. Who remembers this clear, crisp tasting soda? Sadly, this clear Pepsi soda stopped production in 1993. It was however sold in Mexico for a limited time.



Be cautious if you buy 20 year old Crystal Pepsi’s on eBay!

2. Orbitz

The ultimate mindfuck. Is it a solid or a liquid? Something like mercury in a bottle.



It was like drinking a lava lamp.

3. Sprite Remix

Hands down one of the best sodas and for some reason it was shelved. I mean the closest thing comparable is the Mountain Dew Baja Blast.



Actually a very tasty tropical concoction.

4. Vanilla Coke

This soda was discontinued for no good reason, and people still ask about it to this day. We’ll just have to settle with Coke+Vanilla ice cream.



The Pepsi Coke War has cost us the consumers more than they could ever imagine.

5. Surge

This highly addictive and dangerous soda wasn’t bad and you couldn’t stop drinking it. But then you probably got too hyper after lunch time.



We feel like it came back years later under the new name of Red Bull.

What’s your favorite sodas, in production or not, that you drink to satisfy the munchies. Let us know in the comments below!