People who smoke weed tend to get a bad rap, and are stereotyped into one category or another. Here are 5 Stoner Stereotypes.

1. The Hippie

Probably the most common of stoner stereotypes. This stems all the way back from the early 60’s to 70’s. Now whenever you tell someone you smoke weed they just assume you’re a hippie, and all about peace and love man! (Not that there is anything wrong with that!)



Peaaaceee maaannnnn

2. The Burnout

The most negative of stoner stereotypes. Most people think that marijuana users are burnouts, dropouts, and losers who are lazy and don’t do anything besides smoke weed. I mean, I do other stuff, I eat…sleep, those are things too!



Should I sleep, smoke weed, or eat today…

3. The Rasta

The person who transforms their appearance, wearing red, green and yellow. Even to go as far as having dread locks. If you see a person that looks like this, then they HAVE to be a stoner *rolls eyes* Maybe I just like red, green and yellow colors!



“When you smoke the herb it reveals you to yourself”

4. The Skater / Hip Hop Person

All this stoner does is smoke, skate and listen to Wiz Khalifa. Aren’t they missing the fact that it’s bringing multiple cultures together?!



“Out in California where the weed ofical”

5. The MacGyver Smoker

The one stoner who can make a bong out of anything, yet can’t focus on other tasks. People probably think they have A.D.D…and…what was I talking about again?



Also gets you your daily serving of fruits.

What stoner stereotype are you, or what should be added to the list? Let us know in the comments below!