Ah summer. Nice weather, beautiful beaches and a perfect time to blaze. Here are 5 summer stoner essentials for women. Now you can look fly while getting high.

1. Shades

With summer comes intense sunlight. Shades are a definite must for any summer stoner.

Shades: Lime Green Mary Jane – Miako Apparel

2. Tank Top

Staying cool while waking about is always a priority during summer. Outside of a bikini top, tank tops are a good way to stay stylish and cool.


Tank Top: Baby Pink Leaf Tank – Kush Kult

3. Shorts

The best part of summer is showing off your summer legs, that you’ve been working on all fall and spring. The best way are with high waist sitting shorts that are both stylish and comfortable.


Shorts: High Waisted Blue Tassel Pyschedelic Shorts – Miako Apparel

4. Vaporizer

No summer stoner outfit is set without a vaporizer. Easy to conceal and fashionable at the same time, vaporizers are a good way to carry your kush around in the summer heat.


Vaporizer: Pink Cloud – Cloud Vapes

5. Accessories

With all the essentials you’ll have, you’ll definitely need something to carry things in. Cloud Vape holders and stash bags are a nice way to compliment your summer stoner look.


Vape Holder: Cloud Necklace – Bong Beauties


Bags: Make-up Stash Bags – MissHotBoxes