Do you remember growing up and eating all of the sweetest things during summer? Today we will explore that sense of nostalgia with a list of the treats we still enjoy. Here are 5 summer stoner treats.

1. Popsicles

Having Popsicles in the summer was a must and now as a stoner its even better. The combination of cold and sweet is perfect.



Nothing said America like a Bomb Pop.

2. Otter Pops

Right smack dab in the middle of popsicles and slushies. Otter pops are still enjoyed by stoners everywhere in frozen or liquid form.

otter pops


Still confused by Little Orphan Orange to this day.

3. Slushies

The sweetest of the bunch and the best way to get a brain freeze. Which also happens to be a silly way to blow a high.

slush puppie


The Slush Puppie is a staple of our summer days.

4. Watermelon

On to something a bit more healthy. Watermelon in the summer was awesome and combine that with a little bit of salt and you will forget all about the heat.



Having a spitting match with the seeds was always inevitable.

5. Grapefruit

Grapefruit was opposite of watermelon when it came to how it was served but was still just as awesome. Just sprinkle some sugar on top and take a bite, it will blow your taste buds away.



There were times where we sprinkled too much sugar but we were high.

We know there are tons of treats that were offered and encouraged during the summer list some of your favorites in the comments below.

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