There are some things we tend to say when we are high, and even more things when we’re hungry! Here are 5 things hungry stoners say when high.

1. What do you have in the fridge?

The munchies are setting in and you are even willing to possibly make something or at the least put it in the microwave.



You better hurry because once the marijuana kicks in you’re going to be too high to do anything.

2. Is _____ Open?

Insert any restaurant name in the blank and that’s pretty much it.



Without a doubt getting high has cost you some valuable time and everything you want is closed.

3. Are They 24 Hours?

This is what happens when you blaze too late in the night and cop the munchies.



At this point you’re going to need to be bailed out by a fast food chain.

4. Do They Deliver?

If you’re thinking pizza or late night Chinese carry out, then you are on couch lock, and are way too high to be hungry.



They are also that one guy most likely to ask the “Are we there yet?” question.

5. Can Anyone Drive?

They have admitted to everyone that they are too high to drive and too hungry to give up on food.


Source: gottabeaviolist

You’re in ability to plan ahead will either leave you hungry or take you on an adventure.

What are some of the things you say when you’re high? Let us know in the comments below!