There are times when you can’t find a reliable source of good weed. When that happens you end up buying schwag. Here are 5 types of weed schwag.

1. Reggie

Not the best but also not the worst. It kind of smells like it was good at one point in time. Desperation or being frugal can lead to this easily forgivable offense.



Stop lying to yourself, there is no good reggie.

2. Oscar

We labeled this kind of schwag Oscar because it belongs in the garbage. Yes, it is green and smells like weed but if you smoke this you will definitely be pissed that you paid to only got high for about 15 minutes.



Also, that headache that just kicked in is going to make you very very grouchy.

3. Mersh

This is basically the O’Douls of marijuana. All the smell of marijuana with no THC content. The nerve of someone to even expect you to be a returning customer after smoking this shit is beyond unbelievable.



Couldn’t even get a baby high. We don’t suggest you try that though.

4. Shake

Congratulations you just bought the bottom of the bale. Sticks and seeds is all you have in that ziploc bag of yours and if you do manage to have enough tree to pack half a bowl we pray you aren’t expecting to share.



After about two minutes of trying to make yourself vomit so you can be sober again you remember it doesn’t work like that.

5. Snicklefritz

Worst kind of schwag ever. Break this down and smoke at your own risk. This schwag resembles that of a tumbleweed. There is no greater sin amongst marijuana smokers.



If you’re buying your weed from someone who resembles this guy you just might have a batch of snicklefritz on your hands.

What is your experience with weed schwag? Let us know in the comments below!