If you are trying out a newly referred provider and wanted to know how to be a good customer then this is the place for you. We have a list on how to get your marijuana and make an easy transition to a new guy. Here are 5 Ways To Be A Good Weed Customer.

1. Have money ready

There is nothing more annoying to a provider when a customer doesn’t have the money that was already agreed upon ready.

weed money

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All you do is show up, pay up, and throw the deuces up.

2. Be on Time

Worse than not having your money ready is being late. If you show up at an unexpected time then you will most likely not be served and be met with resistance if your provider handles more than marijuana.


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Expect to get the “No Service” treatment in the future.

3. One Drug at a Time

Don’t attempt to purchase a variety of party supplies right off of the bat or he might think you’re a cop and it’s just a bad idea to start off with anyway.


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Also, taking all of those drugs at once is a bad idea.

4. Don’t Rush Provider

Rushing a provider might even sketch him out more than a big order or really piss him off. For all you know he is trying to feel you out for future transactions or make sure you aren’t a cop.


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If he is an irritable guy you might be met with violence.

5. Don’t Bargain

Bargaining with a provider after already set upon price or standard arrangement can erk his nerves. Don’t do it or expect a big “No.”


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If you are new why would you even risk it?

We know that there are many circumstances that can lead to a new provider and we hope jail isn’t one of them. Let us know your favorite ways to be a good weed customer in the comments below.