Random weed facts juxtaposed onto beautiful women? I think I would have had better grades in school if this type of teaching was implemented.

Here are 5 random weed facts brought to you by Facts and Chicks.

1. What the government needs to implement for everyone ASAP.


The government provides marijuana to four people. For free.

Source: factsandchicks.com

2. Why Colorado is freakin’ awesome.


Denver, Colorado Now Has More Marijuana Dispensaries Than It Does Starbucks.

Source: factsandchicks.com

3. Even more of a reason to like Bill Murray.


Bill Murray was arrested in 1970 for trying to smuggle 10 lbs of marijuana during his 20th birthday.

Source: factsandchicks.com

4. The reason why marijuana isn’t as bad as they say.


Studies show that Alcohol – not Marijuana – is the gateway drug that leads adolescents down the path toward more serious substances.

Source: factsandchicks.com

5. The reason I like breasts + weed together.


Major chemicals found in marijuana are also in breast milk.

Source: factsandchicks.com

I hope you studied long and hard. (Get it, lol). Check out Facts and Chicks for more sexy facts, and informational women.