Have you ever run out of papers and have no pieces laying around? Well, hopefully you are creative enough to make something out of nothing. Here our 6 alternative ways to smoke weed.

1. Dictionary Paper

Thank you Merriam and Webster for providing quality width and length paper for us to roll up with when we are out of zigs. Try not to smoke the pages with lots of ink on them.


Source: stlngds.tumblr.com

Resourceful: able to deal skillfully and accordingly in difficult situations.

2. Bible

While we don’t condone burning the sacred written texts, we do understand that the reference sections are a little bit unnecessary.


Source: serenepristine.tumblr.com

Gives new meaning to blaze a scripture.

3. Apple

Eat healthy and smoke right. If there is an apple laying about you can buy one of the most inexpensive pieces provided by mother nature.


Source: monritherix.tumblr.com

Smoking on a gram with a granny smith. Green all around.

4. Soda Can

If you have an empty soda can then you have yourself a pipe. By denting the can up a bit and poking some holes in its side you have created a very primitive smoking utensil.

soda can

Source: fairy-sm0ak.tumblr.com

Don’t you wanna?

5. Aluminium Foil

If you have this precious pantry commodity then you have all you need to fashion yourself a nice reflective piece. We don’t suggest using more than once.


Source: simplifiedminimalism.tumblr.com

If you have a water bottle laying around, you got yourself a possible bong.

6. Two Knives

This one is for you dabbers out there. You will need two knives and you will also need to cut out a quarter section of a water bottle preferably the top of the water bottle where your mouth goes. Heat up the tip of one knife with a stove and pinch it together with the tip of the other knife that has the dab on it and inhale through the water bottle cut out.


Source: thc-lungs.tumblr.com

Viola! you are dabbin it up.

Let us know what other ways you like to toke up when you’re out of traditional smoking utensils.

Thumbnail Source: monritherix.tumblr.com