Need to know the best way celebrate America’s birthday while blazed? We have a list just for you. Here are 6 Fourth of July Essentials for Stoners

1. Fireworks

Second favorite thing stoners like to light on fire other than weed.



”It is only funny until someone gets hurt, then it is hilarious.”

2. Pool/Lake/Ocean

Lounging near a large body of water at the height of summer is always a plus and it is even better when you have a day off to do so.



A flotation device is a must near a pool.

3. American Colors

We recommend a flag but please at least have something red, white, and blue on display. Whether weed is legal in your state or not just be glad you’re able to have access to it in this great country we call America.



On a side note, if it is illegal where you are please don’t get caught.

4. Beer

If you don’t have red, white, or blue around buy some buds.



Bud and some buds. Great combo.

5. Weed

It is very patriotic of you to enjoy your fourth exercising your freedom in this great country.



When people ask you what it smells like you should respond with “Freedom!”

6. Grill

Lastly, You will definitely need something to solidify your All American Stoner 4th and it should be how you prepare your food.



Hot Dogs and Hamburgers nothing more american than that on the 4th.

Let us know what else you use to celebrate your 4th in the comments below.