Have you ever had the munchies so bad you would eat anything in sight? Problem is you’re too lazy to cook or even order out? Word, us too. Here are 6 microwavable munchies for that instant gratification.

If you smoke and aren’t very health conscious, it is very likely that you have enjoyed one or more of these products. Mostly due to the easy access part.

1. Uncrustables

The sandwich which you first saw and thought “Why didn’t they make that sooner?” Smuckers known for their jelly has brought an innovative take to the sandwich game.


Source: perksofbeinganasshole.tumblr.com

Nuke it for about 10 seconds and it becomes even more beautiful.

2. Ramen

Everyone has a favorite flavor and we would all agree that chicken is the best. Anyone who likes the shrimp is either weird or foreign.


Source: tw3rkf0ry0urgranny.tumblr.com

If you nuked the water and the noodles then you’re doing it wrong.

3. Hot Pockets

If you haven’t burnt your tongue on one of these bad boys then you just weren’t hungry or high enough to want this delicious snack.

hot pocket

Source: boobookittyfack.tumblr.com

The most awesome attempt at a calzone we have ever seen.

4. Microwaveable Taquitos

There is only one brand. Delimex makes the best. If you have never warmed a few of these bad boys up when blazed then you don’t know what you’re missing.


Source: godforbidanyonetakesrisks.tumblr.com

Mexican food is perfect comfort food. The microwaveable stuff is no exception.

5. Microwaveable Pizza

It’s not delivery, it’s Digiorno dummy. If you just blew some cash on a sack then you probably can’t afford delivery. We suggest you throw it in the oven, if you’re patient enough.


Source: glassbluntzz.tumblr.com

Bread, cheese, and meat. Stoner list, check.

6. Hot Dogs

When we first learned that hot dogs could be microwaved, we felt like a new era was upon us. No more using fire to boil like a primitive caveman. We are the nuclear era and we want our food now.

hot dog

Source: electricc-dreamss.tumblr.com

Feels like you are prepping a blunt but to be eaten.

It is no secret that the microwave is the stoners chef. Tell us what you nuke and munch on.

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