Sometimes we listen to music and think it is awesome because we are high. Sometimes we listen to music just because the music has everything to do with getting high. Here is a short list of subtle and blatant signs your favorite artist is probably smoking, a lot.

1. Track Time is 4:20

If the artist you are listening to has many songs that are about 4 minutes and 20 seconds long there is a strong likelihood that they smoke weed to some capacity.



If you ever think that it is 4:20 somewhere else than you’re most def a pothead.

2. Uses Female Pseudonyms

If the artist you listen to refers to marijuana as a woman or gives weed a female name and describes marijuana like characteristics then he most definitely fell in love with marijuana at some point in his life. And, only sees weed as a beautiful enticing woman.

mary jane


If Rick James comes to mind then you have heard a classic in Mary Jane.

3. Uses Words like Chief, Blaze, Spliff, Blizzy, Gas, Dank, etc.

If the artist you listen to tends to overly use these terms then not only do they smoke weed but lots of it.



If you are thinking Wiz Khalifa or Mac Miller than you truly understand.

4. Has Multiple Shows in Places Known for their Weed

If an artist is constantly planning shows in California, Colorado, or Washington and seems to always skip your town then there is a possibility that they would rather spend their day getting high than commuting to your shitty city. I am talking to you Tucson.



If you noticed that all of their shows are in L.A. and San Fran then you are not alone in assuming this.

5. Is a Rapper

Lets face it, if you’re a rapper in today’s society than you are most likely a conoisseur of the finest Mary Jane.



The genetic make up for rappers these days tends to include weedhead.

6. Encourages people to smoke at their concerts

If a haze appears halfway through the concert then everyone around you is most likely enjoying some herb.



Biggest worries at these concerts are dropping your stash.