There might be a stigma that heavy stoners are all men, but we’ve met some serious stoner chicks. But these heavy stoner babes all had to start somewhere. Here are 6 Things Girls Say When Getting High For The First Time. (Written by a dude of course :p) Today we have a list of some pretty standard stuff you’ll likely hear.

1. OMG I’ve never done this before

It is like we know Megan now stfu and hit the bong! This is something we tend to hear a lot before we even spark anything up.

smoke virgin


We just hope they don’t wig out and start acting crazy.

2. I don’t think it’s working

This one is funny because right after they say this it kicks in and they are subdued by the marijuana.



Marijuana making chicks stfu since the stone age.

3. Does this make me a pothead?

This one is my favorite usually because she will ask something similar when drinking alcohol for the 1st time.



If we lie and say yes she might freak.

4. I’m sleepy

You might hear this right before you hear snoring.



Just make sure she isn’t holding the blunt while sleeping.

5. Did I smoke it right?

Your response should be “If you aren’t coughing then no.” Make sure she gets real high.

smoke right


It is understandable if she is holding a bong.

6. Maniacal Laughter

This one is only good if you know what they are laughing at. If not then this might turn into crying.


The marijuana broke her.

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Ladies out there please feel free to share some of your 1st time experiences with us in the comments below.