When it’s time to smoke there are items necessary to the process that stoners never seem to have. Here are 6 Things Stoners Never Have When They Need Them.

1. Weed

If there is one thing stoners are always looking for it is weed and that is usually because we never have it.


If it were legal to grow this wouldn’t be a problem.

2. Papers

Everything is grinded up and ready to be rolled but there isn’t anything to smoke it with.


Time to roll out to roll up.

3. A Piece To Smoke With

Similar to the paper situation except if you paid a pretty penny for your piece you’re going to want to find that shit.


Hopefully no one broke it and hid the remains.

4. Lighters

This one is definitely #1 on everyones list. Yes we said “Fuck it!” and used the stove instead.


Source: highundlow.bigcartel.com

The lighter you did have was probably someone elses.

5. Eye Drops

The session is over and now your eyes are as red as the devils dick and you have to go out in public.


Source: straight-vibing.tumblr.com

All we can think of are those stupid Clear Eyes commercials.

6. Cologne

If kush is your cologne and you have shit to do then change it like now.


Source: fragrantica.com

Look what that shit did to Gucci Mane, you can’t walk around high everywhere.

What are some of the things you never when you need them? Let us know in the comments below!