Have you ever played a game that actually scared you? We have too and we have a list of games that do just that. These games made our list for the fact that they are actually creepy.

Dead Space

Event Horizon meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This franchise has soo many WTF moments we don’t even know where to start. Also, the story is awesome. The scariest space environments that even Ripley would fear.


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Is an evil religious cult behind everything?

Resident Evil

The franchise is still going strong. First time we really entertained the thought of a zombie outbreak due to some bio weapon was all thanks to this game.

resident evil

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Why does Hollywood hate the gaming industry so much?


This franchise was a strong and welcome new addition to the gaming industry. Very creepy when you are high trying to save a little sister and a splicer slices her in half right after you just killed a Big Daddy. The environments were also something to marvel at while playing.


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“Would you kindly?” Scariest question starter ever.


Solving murders and chasing down a serial killer was enough to put us on edge but to go hand to hand with these crazed folks in scary dilapidated parts of town was even more hair raising.


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Seriously, is an evil cult behind everything?

American McGee’s Alice

A twisted take on an already twisted classic. Alice turns Wonderland into a bloody playground only a crazy person would truly enjoy. The transformation of Wonderland is half psychedelic and half psychopath.


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Mutilating the inhabitants of Wonderland kind of ruins a piece of our childhood.

Silent Hill

This franchise has been really well done. The mindf*** of a story at a tip toe pace makes us weary of whats in the dark corner.

silent hill

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The movies captured a lot of the surprise and creepiness the games brought but more religious cults.

Honorable Mentions

The Darkness, The Suffering, Jericho, Fatal Frame, System Shock, and Parasite Eve.

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