If you’re a college student who enjoys marijuana as much as we did then here are a few tips to keep you under the radar. Here are 7 College Stoner Tips. This list covers all of the basics.

1. Smoke Seldomly

We understand your new found freedom leaves you with tons of free time but try not to fill it with marijuana or you will easily find yourself dropping classes or dropping out.


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Don’t be the kid at college parties who used to go there.

2. Spend Wisely

You might not have a source of income and spending your student loans on marijuana is not a great way to contribute to your academic success so play it smart and smoke when it is convenient and not when you can.


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Steer clear of the business Hippies.

3. Smoke With Friends Only

Smoking people out is fine and dandy in the right setting but if you barely have enough to eat then we suggest splitting it with a chosen few.


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Dumpster diving is not the best way to find meals either.

4. Don’t Use Weed To Impress A Woman

Unless she’s already you’re girlfriend, inviting the girl you think is hot to smoke with you in expectations of getting laid almost always leads to an empty sac. And, we aren’t talking about the one you want to empty out either.


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You will be out of weed and friendzoned.

5. Don’t Use Large Paraphernalia

Try to steer clear of any pieces especially if you live in a dormitory. All it takes is that one asshole Room Attendant to search your room and ruin your life. Take a more subtle and easy to hide route, with either wraps or a small pipe. If it’s your own apartment, then by all means, go big!


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You don’t want anyone finding your stash either so avoid the curious peoples.

6. Study Sober, Not High

We all saw How High and we would like to stress to you guys out there that it was a movie. Studying high, taking the test high, and getting high scores do not correlate. There are studies on this.


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Easiest way to realize Hollywood isn’t real.

7. Don’t Trust The Freshman

There is always that one freshman kid out to make his mark on campus and chances are he is going to do something risky to do so. Try to avoid the shit storm that this kid brings when he gets caught selling weed to everyone. They will most likely not be following steps 1-7 (unless of course they’ve read this article).


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Every year there is this one guy.

What are your college stoner tips you would give to contribute to a college student’s success? Key word being success, aka, they still graduate. Let us know what college stoner tips you would add to the list in the comments below!