Looking to travel around the states and wanted to find some stoner friendly cities? Word, we got you covered. Here are 6 National Stoner Friendly Cities. Today we take a look at some stoner friendly cities in the good old U S of A.

1. New York, New York

The Big Apple is home to the busiest population known to man and they are also busy getting really high. I believe the trend here had been set in motion long ago.

Status: Decriminalzed, still illegal.


With fines being assessed for use I think it is safe to say people are unfazed by marijuana use at this point.

2. Denver, Colorado

The second largest city in the United States pushing the marijuana movement forward and into legalization.

Status: Legal recreational and medicinal use.


Source: mkatieo1.tumblr.com

It isn’t called the Mile High City for no reason.

3. Seattle, Washington

The largest city pushing the marijuana movement forward. Buy some flannel to blend in with the locals and smoke in the rain.

Status: Legal, recreational and medicinal use.


Source: corrupt-california.tumblr.com

Not as depressing with some good weed in hand.

4. San Francisco, California

Everywhere in Cali offers some great herb but none have the ambience of San Fran with its rolling hills and unique crowd.

Status: Decriminalized, with legal medicinal use.

san fran

Source: thelazycartoonist.tumblr.com

San Fran adopted marijuana as a go to decades ago, glad to see other big cities catching on.

5. Maui

We know most of you were thinking continental U.S. only but the this city loves its pakalolo and embraces the laid back positive lifestyle.

Status: Illegal, medicinal allowed.


Source: arisaafari.tumblr.com

Beachbum philosophy was founded in Hawaii.

6. Fairbanks

Again, this one is outside of the continental U.S. but if we were in the freezing cold majority of the year we would need to be high to deal with it.

Status: Decriminalized, with legal medicinal use.


Source: mountainstage.tumblr.com

Everything Sarah Palin did makes sense now.

Honorable Mention: Boulder, CO, Portland, MA, and Humboldt County, CA