Halloween is approaching fast and we have some stoner Halloween costumes ideas for you guys to mull over. Here are 7 Stoner Halloween Costumes. While these aren’t scary they are fun and you could always staying in character most definitely involves smoking.

1. Any Stoner Movie Character

If you’re a stoner who can’t decide on what to be for Halloween then just pick your favorite stoner movie character and you have your costume.

peer pressure

Source: fghfgdfg.tumblr.com

You really can’t go wrong with this advice. It is a safe bet for anyone out there who can’t figure out how to show there true love.

2. Marijuana Fairy

For all you ladies out there who want to go for the stoner Tinkerbell look there is a costume available for you. Add some make up to make this one more your style and you have a killer costume.


Source: zoogstercostumes.com

Just don’t forget that you really can’t fly.

3. Blunt

Shout out to all those brave enough to try this one on. Mostly because there is going to be someone who is going to get trashed enough to actually try and light you on fire.


Source: ebay.com

Just remember that scene from Scary Movie.

4. Marijuana Leaf

Pretty awesome costume that is pretty much the mascot for the whole movement.


Source: ebay.com

Marijuana leaf smokes marijuana. Mind is blown.

5. Hippie

Not hard to pull of for you out there with long harid already. Just add a tie die shirt and you’re there.


Source: partycity.com

Don’t overuse the peace sign though.

6. Rasta Man

The plus here is that if you don’t already have dreads you can get an awesome wig. Adding a radio and bumping any kind of reggae is a plus and might even get you laid.


Source: totallycostumes.com

If you can’t do an awesome Jamaican accent don’t try.

7. Baked Potato

Probably the most creative one out there. Be aware that you will have to explain this one throughout the night to these either too fucked up to understand or unimaginative.


Source: costumes4less.com

Be prepared for an Idaho joke and have a reply ready.

If all else fails you can always get creative and make your own costume. Let us know what you come up with in the comments section below.