Ever smoke with a girl and something about the experience made her sexier than she was before? Well today we have a list of 9 sexy attributes for female smokers.

1. She Can Roll

This one is a great sign. The fact that she took time out of her life to learn this great art shows her ability to dedicate herself to something.


Source: ghosthologram.tumblr.com

Think about the hand to mouth coordination.

2. She Can Clear a Bong

This is like watching a girl who can handle her liquor. She knows just how much she needs to catch a buzz and still function.


Source: bongbanger.tumblr.com

When it is your turn don’t cough and make sure the hit is acceptable.

3. She Doesn’t Cough

If you can find a girl who take a major hit without coughing she just might be a keeper. That our she has an awesome hobby.

no cough

Source: aspeckamongdots.tumblr.com

Yes, she may challenge your manhood but wouldn’t you rather be smoking with a her than a him?

4. She is Willing to Shotgun with other Ladies

There is nothing sexier than two women about to enjoy a lusty lip lock. Those two ladies enjoying marijuana at the same time is a plus.


Source: aweedandbitches420.tumblr.com

Every guy in the room just got tighter pants.

5. She can French Inhale

This is a move only designated for a veteran smoker. This will definitely let you know if she knows what she is doing.


Source: badbarbies-do-it-well.tumblr.com

The little flash of smoke mastery is her saying “Hello, would you like to smoke?”

6. She can Blow O’s

This a neat little trick that most any seasoned smoker can do but there is just something about a woman blowing thick rings of smoke.

blow os

Source: ganja-girls.tumblr.com

It is also a good excuse to get a good luck at the beautiful lady.

7. She Dabs

This is a whole new level of smoking and if she is on to this then she might be willing to do something crazy.


Source: thenaughtywall.tumblr.com

A Dab will do ya!

8. She Tries to Outsmoke You

Competition is healthy especially when your getting super high with beautiful ladies.


Source: ganja-girls.tumblr.com

If you’re smart enough you can turn this into a healthy dose of flirting hopefully followed by some play fighting.

9. She has hot friends who smoke

This might be the most important attribute in the lady. Because you most likely have friends who want to meet other lady friends.


Source: caligulove666.tumblr.com

Hot friends and more weed is a plus.