Now that Instagram allows for 15 second videos, the world has become a more awesomer place! Especially when it comes to beautiful women getting blazed. Here are 9 sexy stoner Instagram videos.

1. She’s on that good kush for sure

Her French inhale is on point!

Source: @lecstasyy

2. The right way to wake & bake (especially love the sticker)

Mornings never looked so good!

Source: @raeberry420

3. Dankylicious gets dabalicious

Don’t let the crazy eyes fool you!

Source: @dankylicious

4. A Trip To The Woods

A very cinematic journey

Source: @ohhighchey

5. Super bong rip

Oh if only they let us do this on Sesame Street

Source: @42seashell0

6. Cloudy face hotboxin

Big Buck Bunny

The only way to roll out!

Source: @sscrx

7. B&W blazed beauty

B&W always = classy!

Source: @emmajpg

8. Sexy hippie stoner

Ah the great outdoors

Source: @tara_grace

9. HIGH fashion

A stoner who can blaze AND dress up

Source: @blazed_painter

Do you have a stoner video on Instagram that should be featured? Let us know in the comments below!