Have you ever watched a movie and felt connected to a stoner character? You both had a lot in common whether you wanted to admit it or not? Well today we have a list of 9 stoner movie characters we can relate to.

1. Smokey

While many of us don’t live in Los Angeles and sell weed. We can definitely relate to wanting to do nothing but get high and chill all day. Especially true if you are still living with your mother and don’t have a real job.


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Selling drugs for violent people is not the answer

2. Thurgood

When you have a shitty job and aren’t moving up the corporate ladder of the custodial arts, you might as well get high. Also, like Thurgood you are most likely living with your best friends you first started blazing with and are still blazing.


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Selling drugs and becoming competition with violent people is not the answer.

3. Ders

Living with your friends based on one epic night of partying in college can either be a disaster or genius. Fortunately for Ders, Blake, and Adam it is the best idea they ever had.


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These guys are a triumvirate of fucking up and being awesome at the same time.

4. Ron Slater

This guy is a throwback. Gettin high for this young soul is a way of life not a phase. Slater smoked weed to function while others were getting high because it was cool. Slater was the real deal Holyfield when it came to blazing.


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We sometimes wear kangol hats just to pay homage to this man.

5. Kumar

Limitless potential and not a fuck to give. He could easily go to med school and do whatever the fuck he wants in life but would rather enjoy each day with a nice spliff and good company.


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Let us not forget the good eats.

6. Ben Stone

Most of us find ourselves aimlessly walking through life until some dramatic event forces us to grow up. In this man’s case it was not wearing a condom. We know there are some of you out there who chose to party without protection and are now juggling the responsibilities of being a full time pothead and parent.


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We salute you and wish you guys all the best.

7. Silas P. Silas

The rare guy with a talent for something outside the box. He just loved weed and wanted to progress his life through his appreciation for the plant. We can only be so lucky to do the same.


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Selling weed is just a side gig.

8. Alex

The weed smoking man who found happiness in life after playing the game the wrong way for too long. Sooner or later is better than never. Having past parental issues is dramatic but can be overcome.


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Finding your passion and living life through it while high is always awesome.

9. Chong

The guy who was always looking to get even higher just because. We all know someone like this and eventually that road leads them to the strongest weed and craziest stories.


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Expect this person to at some point in life to be a mule for the cartel.

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Do you have a movie stoner character you relate to? Hit us up and let us know!