We all have been in a situation where we are with a friend at a function and introduced to a new group of people that like weed just as much as we do. Sometimes that is the only thing we have in common with the other group. Here’s a list of some of the types of stoners that drive us crazy.

1. The Bros!

These guys would want nothing more than to find any excuse to see their fellow bros’ cocks even if they have to suppress their sexuality long enough to double team a girl just to get a glimpse of their bromosexual counterpart. Usually they blame this shit on the shitty weed they were sold but we all know the truth.

jersey shore

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These guys are strictly dickly and overuse BRO!

2. The Slacker

Much like everything else in this person’s life they never attempt to complete or do anything to the fullest. Expect their weed to be mersh and to carry around a one hitter. Usually has odd jobs and is always paid under the table.


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3. The Moocher

Rarely has anything important to say or do yet always ends up in the circle and is even bold enough to ask for weed to go, all the while insulting everyone in the circle on his way out.


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This guy usually does the most underhanded things to get his women

4. The Diva

This bitch always wants to get too hype for being high and does not know how to chill when discussing her drama filled life and how she is the main bitch in the grand scheme of things. (“It’s Ke$ha” Jenelle, Teen Mom)


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If you know any women who resemble those off of Bad Girls Club, don’t fuck with them.

5. The Rapper

These guys or girls seem to want to rap every time they get high. While at times it does provide some fun and passes time, they seem to want to do this shit at the worst times. Unknowingly cock blocking themselves and you in the process.


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All I think of is Dylon from The Chappelle Show.

Who are some of the annoying people that you smoke with?