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Arizona State Graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Avid gamer who uses too many pop culture quotes. I believe that the legalization of marijuana will improve our country on many different levels.

7 Stoner Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is approaching fast and we have some stoner Halloween costumes ideas for you guys to mull over. Here are 7 Stoner Halloween Costumes.

Marijuana Superbowl Commercial

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February 2nd 2014 during the Superbowl a marijuana commercial advocating legalization may appear and it all depends upon you guys.

Gupta Kush

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Helping Hands Herbal Dispensary are big fans of Dr. Sanjay Gupta as most marijuana aficionados should be at this time.

TSA Relaxes Medical Marijuana Policy

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TSA is changing their policy and allowing medical marijuana patients across the board to fly with their medication.

Jack’s Munchie Meal from Jack in the Box

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Jack in the Box has officially claimed the title for the most stoner item available on a fast food menu. Click to learn more about Jack’s Munchie Meal from Jack in the Box.

Dabbed Out Girl

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We have all heard of people passing out from dabs and today we’ve found footage of that. This young lady went to hard in the paint. Here is a Dabbed Out Girl.

5 Signs Your Dealer Might Be A Cop

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There are things worse than an inconsistent dealer and that is a dealer who might be an undercover cop. Here are 5 Signs Your Dealer Might Be A Cop.

Grand Theft Auto V Smoke on the Water

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If you don’t know what Smoke on the Water is by now then it is apparent you haven’t played Grand Theft Auto V.

Kings of Cannabis Review

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Traveling to exotic locations all while learning about the world’s perspective on marijuana? Sign us up! Here is our Kings of Cannabis Review.

6 Places You Shouldn’t Be High

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As ridiculous as this may sound for some of you, there are a few scenarios where you shouldn’t be high. Today we give you those socially unacceptable scenarios for those of you who may be unaware. Here are 5 Places You Shouldn’t Be High.

3 High School Stoner Flicks

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There are three core movies that make up the high school stoner genre and these three will forever be classics.

5 Ways To Be A Good Weed Customer

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If you are trying out a newly referred provider and wanted to know how to be a good customer then this is the place for you. We have a list on how to get your marijuana and make an easy transition to a new guy. Here are 5 Ways To Be A Good Weed Customer.

5 International Marijuana Friendly Places

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Thinking about going outside of the united States and were looking for 420 friendly? Here are 5 International Marijuana Friendly Places.

Seattle Hempfest Doritos Priced at $50 on eBay

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This past weekend Seattle hosted its Hempfest and Seattle’s police department was in full force to protect and serve but mostly to defend against the munchies.

5 Great Stoner Bands

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Let us pay tribute to the legends who were openly using marijuana and rebelling against false propaganda with beautiful music. Here are 5 Great Stoner Bands

7 Zombie Movies to Watch Blazed

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Remember when you had to blaze to make a zombie movie even remotely good? Ya, that was lame. Good zombie movies are few but they do exist. Here are 7 Zombie Movies to Watch Blazed.

10 Party Animals We Want To Blaze With

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Ever watch a movie and found a character you wish you could blaze and party with in real life? Well, you aren’t the only ones. Here are 10 Party Animals We Want To Blaze With.

4 Indo Grow Tips

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Today we are going to bring you a few tips on maintaining an indoor grow brought to you by @Deltaninethc.

7 Animes to Watch High

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Ever wanted to take the foray into anime? Well, if so we have some highly recommend anime for you to blaze to. Here are 7 Animes to Watch High.

5 Shady Marijuana Dealer Signs

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Do you ever find yourself in moments where you have to question your dealer and the things that he says or does? Glad we aren’t the only ones. Here are 5 shady marijuana dealer signs.

6 Things Girls Say When Getting High For The First Time

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There might be a stigma that heavy stoners are all men, but we’ve met some serious stoner chicks. But these heavy stoner babes all had to start somewhere. Here are 6 Things Girls Say When Getting High For The First Time. (Written by a dude of course :p)

6 Fourth of July Essentials for Stoners

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Need to know the best way celebrate America’s birthday while blazed? We have a list just for you. Here are 6 Fourth of July Essentials for Stoners

5 Characteristics of That One Stoner Guy

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In every smoke circle there is that one guy who just can’t seem to figure it out. Everyone including him knows this yet it does not stop the onslaught of shit we give him. Here are 5 Characteristics of That One Stoner Guy

5 Marijuana Rookie Mistakes

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Ever smoke a blunt with someone only to find that they had limited experience with the herb? Today we have a list of 5 Marijuana Rookie Mistakes.

5 Arcade Games to Play High

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Video Games and Marijuana go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you are an older gamer then you most definitely remember when games were played on arcade cabinets. Here are 5 Arcade Games to Play High.