There are some great movies out there to watch when under the influence of Mary Jane and today we compiled a list of some of the best weed buddy movies for you to check out. It would be best if you watched these with a friend to know that you are not alone in your stupidity or taste for crude humor in some instances.

1. Cheech and Chong: Up in Smoke

This was the first weed buddy movie ever. Wasn’t a classic just because it was the first weed buddy movie ever but the comedic quality of the movie was off the charts and ahead of its time.

cheech and chong


Whoa man you just took the most hits of acid I have ever seen anyone take

2. Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back

The new era of cheech and chong was ushered in appropriately. This dynamic duo first appeared in Clerks and once they got their own spinoff they became top chiefers.

jay and slient bob


I am the Clit Commander

3. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

While these two never got high on screen we know exactly what they were doing in that damn phone booth.

bill and ted


We are Wild Stallions

4. Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle

They held onto the inter-racial bond that Cheech and Chong had and cashed in on more than a few bowls. The randomness and epicness were definitely a tribute to Up in Smoke.

harold and kumar


What kind of hippie are you? A Business Hippie

5. Pineapple Express

Two hilarious actors at their peak doing a weed buddy movie that was full of some of the greatest one liners, EPIC. Now Seth Rogan won’t go away smh.

pineapple express


I hate lingerers… that’s why I gave him snicklefritz

6. Friday

Getting high in the hood on a lazy friday always leads to some ill shit. This movie was able to make a believable plot in a real place and it was a glimpse into the type of shit people are in jail for today.



Hey Mrs. Parker

7. Dude Where’s My Car

The dumbest weed buddy movie ever but funny in its own right. The ending was completely ridiculous yet we could not stop laughing.

wheres my car



8. How High

It was Friday meets Animal House and not to mention Method Man and Redman were in it.

how high


BUFU! By Us, Fuck You!