Was there any doubt that this was bound to happen?  We are witnessing a booming cannabis tourism industry.  We are witnessing history in the making. Just as alcohol prohibition was ended due to its ill effects to society, cannabis prohibition is also on its way out.  Colorado and Washington inevitably will be flooded by enthusiasts from all around the world to experience legal recreational marijuana use.

Yahoo News reports:

More than 50,000 are expected to light up outdoors in Denver’s Civic Center Park on April 20 to celebrate marijuana legalization. Thousands more are headed here for the nation’s first open-to-all Cannabis Cup, April 20-21, a domestic version of an annual marijuana contest and celebration in Amsterdam.

Expected guests at the Cannabis Cup, a ticketed event taking place inside the Denver Convention Center, include Snoop Lion, the new reggae- and marijuana-loving persona for the rapper better known as Snoop Dogg.

It is great to see that the people are supporting a cause they believe in.  We will be in Denver for the 4/20 weekend to support the movement as well as to connect with our fans.

Here’s to a happy 4/20!

Thumbnail Source: Yahoo News