It seems the health benefits of cannabis helps dogs and cats as well as humans alike. Enter Canna-Pet, which is medical cannabis for pets.

Brent Matsalla from the Liberty Voice reports:

Brandon is a co-founder of Canna-Pet and her 5-year quest has uncovered a way to let dogs gain the health benefits that the cannabis can offer. Just like their best friend, humans.

The tests that Brandon and her team produced, showed 100 percent of the dogs and the cats’ reactions were positive. Anti-inflammatories are a common drug among dogs and cats and the side effects can often cause vomiting. Canna-Pet will allow a dog to take smaller dosages when supplemented with the new herb. What Brandon found was that the cannabis’ cannibanoids are great for helping to control inflammation and reduce pain from arthritis in dog and cats. This reduction in pain will ultimately work toward keeping the pet calm too.

The new pet medication is actually considered a supplement because no prescription from the vet is required. Legally it’s considered made from hemp and not marijuana or cannabis.

So the next time your pet is have medical trouble, you might want to consider cannabis as an alternative medicine. You can learn more about Canna-Pet by visiting their website.

Do you or have you used cannabis for your pets? Let us know the results or your experience in the comment section below.