Hey you! Yes you!  Pass that joint and pay attention.  It’s Cannabis 101 – Why the term bud?  Brought to you by professor NextLevelEvolution.

Why the term bud?

If someone is smoking, vaporizing, eating or otherwise consuming cannabis, they are probably consuming the bud of the plant. Cannabis is a plant or bush just like any other plant or bush in the beautiful flora of this world.  It grows from the earth, it buds, flowers, uses leaves to collect solar energy, and uses wind to pollinate and spread. The buds of the plant are where the highest concentrations of THC and cannabinoids are found. Properly cultivated, these buds will produce crystals which grow on trichomes, that contain almost exclusively THC and cannabinoids. While the rest of the plant, the leaves, stems and roots contain very little psychoactive compounds and are therefore better suited for the commercial production of hemp, hemp oils, and many other derivatives.

You can smoke or consume other parts of the plants, but they may have unpleasant side effects. If you are buying cannabis to consume, you should look for the buds, which look like green nuggets with no discernible leaves. They should be covered in very tiny clear crystals and sometimes they will have red to orange pistils sticking out of them. The buds may also be purple in color, which typically indicates an indica strain, but is not necessarily indicative of high cannabinoid content as some believe.

Ahh soo that’s why people say bud!  Having any interesting comments to add?  Leave’em below 😉